About us

Unleashing the Power of Data Visualization.

Welcome to the virtual realm where data meets artistry! At Buio, we believe that information should be captivating, immersive, and impactful. Our cutting-edge chart company software is designed to transform your data into stunning visual masterpieces that will leave your audience in awe.

With Buio, you can bid farewell to mundane spreadsheets and endless rows of numbers. Our innovative software takes the complexity out of data visualization, allowing you to effortlessly create eye-catching charts and graphs that breathe life into your data.

Picture this: Imagine a world where scatter plots dance, bar graphs come to life, and pie charts burst with vibrant colors. Buio brings your data to life like never before, making it easier than ever to communicate complex concepts and insights with crystal clarity.

But Buio is more than just a pretty face. Beneath its visually stunning exterior lies a robust set of features designed to streamline your workflow and enhance your productivity. Seamlessly import data from various sources, customize chart styles and layouts with a few clicks, and effortlessly share your creations with colleagues and clients.

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For founders, by founders by founders

Buio was built by a team of passionate entrepreneurs who know the challenges and opportunities founders face when deciding how to finance their companies.

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Flexible charts on your terms on your terms

Our goal is to empower founders to scale companies without taking on restrictive debt or giving up ownership interest. We designed Buio to enable access to non-dilutive capital based on the health of your business—not based on who you know.

Get the Building blocks for your next website

Buio is a beatifully design UI Kit that allows you to put togheter pages from different categories and customize them to your needs to create a landing page or a whole website in hours, not months.