Last updated 30 2023


Buio Fair Use Policy

All deployments and plugins hosted on Buio operate under the fair use policy. Users are expected to comply with the following guidelines:


  • Websites
  • APIs + Backends
  • Cron Jobs / Scheduled Jobs
  • ML Jobs
  • Code Servers

Not Allowed

  • Mirrors/Userbots
  • Torrent Aggregators
  • Crypto Miners
  • Hosting/Distribution of DMCA protected content
  • Music Bots
  • VNCs/Virtual desktops
  • Multi-accounting
  • Sending Spam
  • Anything Illegal

We strictly prohibit any illegal activity on the platform. If an activity is deemed illegal, we reserve the right to take appropriate action, including terminating the service. We expect our users to use the platform responsibly and refrain from engaging in activities that would violate our fair use policy.

If we identify that a user is using multiple accounts to circumvent the free limit, we retain the right to terminate the service.