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Help revolutionize how founders grow businesses

At Buio, we've created a platform to reimagine how founders finance and grow their businesses. Come build with us, and help define recurring revenue as an asset class.

Buio has lost its magic. We want your help to bring it back.

Remember when Bip still felt magical? Good Bip used to be an experience. It used to radically change how we lived and worked. It made us feel like we lived in the future.

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The magic of software got lost along the way. At Linear, we are on a quest to bring it back.

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We are looking for talented people who share our passion for crafting exceptional software products. That person might be you.

Join us and let's bring back the magic of software.

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Join the movement. We are transforming company scaling

Flexible Remote Work

Embrace the freedom to work from your preferred location and discover new destinations with your colleagues.

Competitive Compensation with Equity

Join a team that values your contributions and become a part of the fastest-growing fintech company in history.

Comprehensive Health Benefits

Take care of yourself and your loved ones with health, dental, and vision benefits, ensuring your well-being without any concerns.

Generous Parental Leave

Enjoy precious bonding time with your new arrival with ample paid parental leave.

Unlimited Time Off

Truly take advantage of our commitment to work-life balance, with unlimited paid time off and company holidays.

Personalized Workstations

Create a comfortable and tailored work-from-home setup that suits your needs perfectly.
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